Blackwork alphabet
Blackwork font
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Blackwork alphabet

Blocky alphabet

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This bold font will say anything you want it to, in a beautiful blackwork way. Upper and lower cases, plus all numbers and punctuation, each filled with a different delightful blackwork fill. Say it beautifully! Say it with blackwork! Also included are some custom designed borders, in case you would like them. Plus positioning instructions and gridded paper to help you with your layout.

This chart was based on the font Fette Eygyptienne, an absolute corker of a font by Dieter Steffmann, who kindly gave permission to allow the use of this font in this way, thank you Mr Steffman!

Design size
Upper case letters are 27 stitches H. On 14 count this is approximately 5 cm, on 16 count 4.5 cm and on 18 count 4 cm H.
Numbers are 28 stitches H, so approximately the same height.
Lower case letters vary in height a little due to some being tall and some hanging down, but an 'a' for instance is 20 stitches tall, on 14 count this is approx 4 cm, on 16 count 3.5 and on 18 count 3 cm H.

This is a PDF download of this blackwork embroidery chart, not a finished product.

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