Plant friends
Plant friends

Plant friends

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Plants galore! A collection of leafy friends in blackwork pots. The pots are pure blackwork, of course, some of the plants have lots of repeated motifs, but some are a stitchy ramble form one side of the pot to the other in an organic kind of planty fashion. However! There are no half stitches and only simple diagonals so from corner to corner, the slightly longer 'knight's move' stitches (so for example count across one sq of aida then up 2 and make diagonal from corner to corner) and some slightly longer diagonal spanning 3 squares, but nothing more complicated than this.

DMC codes are given for the colours I used but this is a good chart to use up those bits of leftover threads. You could use more than one colour for some plants and variegated thread might work well too. The common plant names are included in case you want to reference 'real life' colours for inspiration.

Design size in stitches 160 x 160

On 14 count 29 cm square (11.5 inches sq) , on 16 count 25.5 cm square (10 inches sq) , on 18 count 23 cm square (9 inches sq).

For those of you who love cross stitch too, I created a cross stitch version of this a few years ago and you can view it HERE (this will take to the ESTY listing)