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balckwork embroidery modern spirograph and geometry

100 Dinky adventures in geometry

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100 snack-sized geometric adventures!

These dinky designs are just 18 x 18 stitches, so just an inch square on 18 count. You can stitch them up as I have as a big block for a big bundle of fascination can choose your favourites for a smaller piece, you can split it into 4 smaller charts, use the individual blocks as borders and for smaller projects like bookmarks and greetings cards, or extend the fills for use in other personal projects (lots of new and unique fills!)...the list goes on... endless possibilities for this design.

This design may look complicated but there are no half stitches and the majority of the stitches are straight up/down/corner to corner and knight's move stitches (for example you count across by one then up by 2 and stitch across from corner to corner to make a slightly longer diagonal) Just one of the blocks includes slightly longer diagonals that span across 3 squares (for the little block I nicknamed the black hole, 5 rows down, second one in from the left)

Design size in stitches 180 x 180

On 18 count 26 cm square (10 inches square), on 16 count 29 cm square (11.5 inches square), on 14 count 33 cm square (13 inches square)

Purchased charts will be sent to you via the email address you enter at checkout, you are purchasing a PDF download of this design, not a finished product. Charts are for personal use only, please do not share or copy these designs or use in designs that you intend to sell. Designs are copyrighted and for personal used only please.