SAL 2021

Full details are now available in the Facebook group, The Steady Thread Blackwork SAL.

It's completely free and you can join us by clicking HERE 

This year there are 49 weekly releases, starting on 1st Jan, and a number of different layouts to choose from; flowers in blackwork vases, a formal garden layout, hexagons or squares (with or without drop shadows)

Each week there will be a botanical fill (or every other week for the vases as there are alternate weeks of flowers/fills) The photos above use the sweet peas from last year to give you an idea of what to expect and the pictures below show the layouts available. All the information for all of the layouts, sizes, templates etc is now available in the SAL group, they are a nice welcoming bunch over there too. 

 If you do not have access to Facebook but would like to join in please send me a message via the contact form or email