Blackwork embroidery flowers in vases

***FREE*** 2024 Botanical blackwork stitch-a-long 

Year number 5 of botanical blackwork stitching is all ready to share with you!  This year I have 2 main layouts. The first features an organic twisting frame for your stitching to grow from and the alternative has little backwork blooms, each in a unique vase.

New for this year are low impact mini layouts for those of you who may not want to commit to quite as much stitching. There are 3 to choose from, one shares the weekly fills with the weavey layout and the other 2 have their own additions.

You can read the full introduction that tells you all about release dates, sizes etc by clicking HERE

If you would like to join in there are 2 ways you can access the files

  • Via my Facebook group which you can request to join HERE
  • Via my website. To do this you will need to checkout the access instructions. there is no cost, it is just a way I can automate setting up the access for you and saves me lots of admin! Once you have done this you will be sent a file that will instruct you how to access the files via my website. If you would like to join in this way then please click HERE

Finally...all the elements of this SAL are free... but every year I am asked many times if there is a way to buy me a coffee/give a tip, which is very sweet. This year I have given in and, if you would like to, you can buy me a bulb for my garden HERE but I want to stress this is absolutely not required or expected!!