100 Days of Tiny 2023
100 Days of Tiny 2023

100 Days of Tiny 2023

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Hello, I made this chart for '100 day project' in 2023 The official start date for the project this year is 18th February. There are actually 126 little blocks here but they are very tiny, hopefully managing 2 some days will be easy enough!

For this project in 2024 I made a new design which you can see HERE


Facebook group for the 100 day project

Design size in stitches - 114 w x 126 h

On 14 count 21 x 23 cm (8.5 x 9 inches), on 16 count 18 x 20 cm
(7.5 x 8 inches), on 18 count 16 x 18 cm
(6.5 x 7 inches).

PLEASE do not share this chart anywhere, just because it is free does not mean it can be shared elsewhere (Pinterest etc) it is copyright protected, thank you!