Charity Christmas SAL 2021
Charity Christmas SAL 2021

Charity Christmas SAL 2021

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Last year I did a free Christmas SAL featuring a robin perched on some holly branches and these branches became adorned with hanging baubles as the SAL ran its course. It was quite popular so I decided to do another version this year for charity with a partridge in a pear tree. The branches are a kind of mirror image of last year's, so they will sit happily next to one another or at either end of a shelf or mantlepiece and just like last year, baubles will be added as the weeks roll by. I still wanted to make it very affordable so I am asking for just £1 to join in and 100% of this £1 from each sale will go to UNICEF, (you may be charged slightly more at checkout due to digital VAT being added depending on where in the world you are) I'll keep you posted in December on how much we have raised and thank you in advance! If you feel you might like to donate more, you could just buy it more than once! 

The release dates are 17/11, 20/11, 24/11, 27/11, 1/12, 4/12, 8/12 and 11/12 when the updated chart will be e-mailed to you with new bauble/s (the previous parts of the design will also be included for those joining later on so just print off the final page)

Size in stitches 128 x 128, no fractional stitches.

On 18 count this measures 18cm square. on 16 count 20.5 cm square and on 14 count 23 cm square, you will need a bit more fabric allowance if you wish to include a border (there are 3 borders included which are the same as the ones included last year)

If you would like to take a look at how last year's version looked with the baubles all added please click here. 

There are no colour recommendations, this is a good project for using up odd bits of thread you may have leftover from other projects.