Christmas card designs - stamps
Christmas card designs - stamps

Christmas card designs - stamps

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These Christmas card designs have a nostalgic feel.  Each one is a great size for making into cards or tags, or you can stitch them up individually to make a little piece you can frame and display!

I have tri-fold aperture cards available to fit these, which mean you can position your stitching and secure it in place (with tape or a gluestick) and then the back is hidden by a piece that folds in to neatly cover everything (which you also then glue into place.) Of course, you can make your own by folding some coloured card, cutting a hole and securing your stitching to the back with a bit of tape. Then you can glue or tape a piece of card or paper to cover the back of your stitching so it all looks nice and neat on the inside too.

Please click HERE if you would like more details about the aperture cards.These designs will fit the aperture cards if stitches onto 18 or 16 count fabric.

Each little stamp is 33 stitches w x 45 stitches h

On 14 count  that's - 6 x 8.2 cm, on 16 count 5.2 x 7.2 cm on 18 count 4.7 x 6.4 cm