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Little adventures in geometry

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A collection of studies of smaller geometric designs. All of these use just straight across from side to side or up and down, diagonally from corner to corner stitches and 'knight's move' stitches (so, as a knight chess piece moves - across 1 up 2, or across 2 up 1 etc) None of the stitches are any longer or more complicated than this!

These will require some concentration to stitch though, but I found them very satisfying to complete! Plus if you do need some help the designs are broken down into simpler elements to help you and the chart is scaled up extra large for clarity.

More adventures in geometryland coming soon! 

Design size in stitches 92 x 92

On 14 count this is 17 x 17 cm, on 16 count 15 x 15 cm & on 18 count 13 x 13 cm.

This is a PDF file of a Blackwork embroidery chart, not a finished product.

All designs are copyrighted © The Steady Thread 2021