Blackwork embroidery smapler
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The spaces between
The spaces between

The spaces between

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Some pure and simple blackwork action here, combined with some investigations into negative space. 

I love a sampler, something meditative to stitch that shows off some fills in their pure glory, I fell in love with blackwork because of the fills and felt the need to return, with this chart, to something simple, with the fills playing a major role in the design. The voids in between the filed elements are important here too, giving the fills the space to shine!

Just straight up and down, side to side and corner to corner stitches in this one, no longer diagonals and no half stitches so good for all ability levels. This chart also comes with a couple of colour maps, to give you some ideas of how you might stitch this be up in colour, if that might be something you fancy trying. There are no thread codes, they are just for inspiration!

More investigations in the spaces between are on their way!

Design size in stitches - 135 x 135 

On 14 count is 25 x 25 cm, on 16 count 22 x 22 cm & on 18 count 19 x 19 cm.

This is a PDF file of a Blackwork embroidery chart, not a finished product.

All designs are copyrighted © The Steady Thread 2021